How to Use Flowers this Christmas to Wow Your Family

How to Use Flowers this Christmas to Wow Your Family

As Christmas Day draws near, you might be thinking of adding some mistletoe on your front door. Perhaps you’ve got the Christmas tree up and you’re ready to add the final touches.

But have you thought about adding flowers to your dinner table, as your family is cutting up the Christmas turkey? Fresh flowers for Christmas Day are the perfect way to add colour and variety to your Christmas food spread.

Here are three ways that you can use flowers this Christmas Day.

1. At Your Dining Table

The classic Christmas colours are green, red and white. You can achieve these colours by using red and white spray roses, white chrysanthemums and green dianthus. Alternatively, you can add gold flowers to the flower. You can add gold to these traditional colours for some extra sparkle on the day. To add the gold colour, you can use a special floral spray which you can buy at any floral supply shop.

These flowers can be put together in an arrangement such as a white cardbox box or large vase that will sit in the middle of your dining table. Here is a photo of what your flower arrangement can look like:

at your dining table flowers belles fleurs sydney online flower delivery

If you want your flowers to last beyond Christmas Day, all you have to do is:

Pull out any dead petals you see from the flowers;
Top up the box with one cup of water every second day; and
Keep it out of the sun and keep it in a cool room.

By following these simple steps, your flowers can last for up to two weeks! Afterwards, you can easily dispose of the cardbox box and flowers in your recycling bin.

To add a fruity twist, you could add cherries to your Christmas flowers. Your family and friends will not only enjoy the flowers, but some traditional summer fruit to go with Christmas festivities. Here’s an example of what that set-up can look like:

belles fleurs sydney online flowers christmas day

2. At Your Coffee Table

Alternatively, if you’ve got too much food on the dining table, you could place a box of preserved roses on your coffee table. The bright red is sure to be eye-catching and a talking point for your family and friends as they unwind after their long Christmas lunch. Here’s what a box of roses could look like on a typical coffee table.

coffee table flowers belles fleurs sydney online flower

You don’t have to put the roses on the table. Placing the roses on top of a coffee table book can add a nice contrasting colour and be the centre of attention.

coffee table 2 flowers belles fleurs sydney online flower

3. For the Bedside Table

You can also have small acrylic boxes that contain single roses that you can give away to your friends and family. In addition, they make for small, subtle decoration items in private areas that could add some festive cheer. Here is a photo of what they could look like:

bedside table flowers belles fleurs sydney online flower

Why Flowers for Christmas?

People love to compliment the choice of flowers in the family home. When you take good care of the flowers, most people will also be amazed about how long that they last. Just as you may take great care in setting up your Christmas lights decoration, choosing the right flowers for the season can be the difference.

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